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Polish company MedApp is using the Microsoft HoloLens to bring expert specialist medical opinions to even the most remote clinics in the world. Using the augmented reality that HoloLens provides, MedApp’s Carna Life app helps cardiologists “visualize an individual patient’s heart as it beats in their chest in real time,” said Ralf Saykiewicz, Supervisory Board Chairman at MedApp. “We utilize the HoloLens system, which gives cardiologists the ability to see the heart before they open your chest. This diminishes the time needed to perform open-heart surgery.” “We are using the tools in Microsoft Azure to develop a very advanced system of patient-generated data, of cardiac monitoring, diabetic monitoring, as well as general monitoring of human well-being, and then to manage the population health for clinics and systems,” Saykiewicz said. MedApp CEO Mateusz Kierepka felt that a partnership with Microsoft has been instrumental to their success. “In every place where we’ve collaborated with Microsoft, whether it’s been in Dubai or Brussels, we’ve received the best possible technical support from specialists in Azure and artificial intelligence. Without this kind of support, it would be impossible for us to be where we are right now as a company,” he said. Although the company is based in Krakow, Poland, Saykiewicz said using Microsoft Azure allows them to serve customers globally. “Because we use Microsoft Azure Infrastructure as a Service, we’re really a global organization. We’re able to service clients all over the world without a physical presence there because we have the cooperation of Microsoft and the support of Azure.”Find more on OUR FORUM.