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The number 1 issue of the Microsoft HoloLens and most mixed reality devices is the field of view, which is closely tied to immersion level. Having your virtual objects being cut off and disappearing when you turn your head slightly does nothing for making you feel they are really there. The Magic Leap headset promised to revolutionalize mixed reality but has been extremely secretive about that aspect, including commenting out the information from its recently released developer documentation. Unfortunately, as many governments discovered, that is usually not the best way to hide information from digital documents, and Next Reality managed to restore the details, finally revealing exactly how much the virtual world will fill your field of vision. The news is a combination of good and bad – the field of view is significantly bigger than the Microsoft HoloLens, but still far from immersive. Magic Leap One’s FoV is a third larger horizontally and nearly double the vertical value of the Microsoft HoloLens, and therefore approximately 45% bigger overall. It is likely that HoloLens 2 will improve significantly on this number, however, making Magic Leap’s lead pretty short lived. Full details are posted on OUR FORUM.