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Susan Bradley, an 18 year Microsoft MVP focused on Windows patching and patch management has sent an open letter to Microsoft executives Satya Nadella, Carlos Picoto, and Scott Guthrie about the frustration Windows 10 users have when dealing with installing new updates. This letter includes the results of a survey taken by over 1,000 consultants and over 800 consumers regarding their experience with Windows 10 updates. Being a Microsoft MVP in Consumer Security, I have known Susan for quite some time and can tell you that she is somewhat of a legend among those who regularly support Microsoft products.  When I saw her open letter mentioned at and posted at ComputerWorld, I read through many of the survey comments and decided to reach out to her to find out more about why she wrote the letter. "It's due to increasing frustration with patching and patch management issues. We have the letter on OUR FORUM.