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If you have enrolled in the beta version of Twitter -- and, in some instances, even if you haven't -- you may well have noticed the appearance of Twitter bug reporter icon in the Android status bar. It very likely annoys you, and you probably want to get rid of it. Hunt through the app's settings, and you'll find nothing that relates to the icon. So, what can you do? You could move away from the official Twitter app and try one of the third-party options, but you may not want to. Read on to find out how to stick with the app you've come to know and love (perhaps) and banish the Twitter bug reporter icon once and for all. Quite why the icon appears seems to be a little random. For some people it appears because they're taking part in the beta program, testing out new features. For others, it just randomly appears in the main, non-beta version of the app. For some people, installing an update is all it takes to get rid of the irritating icon, while for others, it is rather more persistent. But there's a simple way to hide the icon and prevent it from ever bothering you again: We have the workaround posted on OUR FORUM.