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Following a hack that resulted in leaking about 808,000 email addresses and over 1.8 million usernames and passwords, a social network website in Germany received a fine of EUR 20,000 from the Baden-Württemberg Data Protection Authority. In July this year, flirty chat platform suffered a data breach and the information stolen from its servers was published online in clear form. A member of the staff said at the time that the incident affected all users that had an account with the service or a username for the chat platform on July 20, 2018. According to a post from another team member, 330,000 of the leaked email addresses were verified, and once Knuddels learned of the leaks (one on Pastebin, another on Mega cloud storage service), it improved security measures, alerted the users and reset their passwords. It was later discovered that the website did not apply any form of protection for sensitive information such as passwords and stored them in plain text. If you think that we made a type about the penalty to be paid and it is missing zero, it is not. To remove all confusion, converted to other currencies, the fine incurred by is $23,000, or around £18,000. This is the first penalty in Germany under the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force in May this year. Get more involved and read more on OUR FORUM.