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People who visit adult websites are being exposed on a daily basis to malware, phishing, and malicious spam campaigns, with premium accounts used on these websites that get stolen ending up on dark web markets. While visitors of adult websites being targeted by threat actors is definitely not something new, during 2018 cybercriminals increased their activity dramatically, with attacks targeting adult website credentials, for example, increasing by 300%. Users who were looking around the web for adult content have been safer during 2018, with the number of attacks dropping by roughly 36% from more than a million in 2017 to around 650,000 last year. However, while malware targeting adult content viewers declined in diversity, cybercriminals still managed to push out a larger amount of malware samples throughout 2018. Credential-stealing attacks saw a 300% boost in numbers. According to Kaspersky Lab's year in review report of cyber threats targeting online adult content viewers, credential stealing malware now focuses on a smaller number of websites, cutting down the list from  Brazzers, Chaturbate, Pornhub, Myfreecams, Youporn, Wilshing, Motherless, XNXX, and XVideos, down two only two websites: PornHub and XNXX. To drop malware payloads on their targets' computers, threat actors disguised them as videos on malicious websites they control and used search query results manipulation as the main technique to make sure that their victims were funneled to their first stage infection vectors. In total, in 2018 87,227 users downloaded malware disguised as adult content in 2018, 8% of them have used their company's network instead of using a personal Internet connection. For facts and figures visit OUR FORUM.