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Users of Kaspersky Antivirus have been complaining since the end of January that when they open Chrome Kaspersky displays numerous alerts stating that there is a problem with a self-signed certificate. It turns out this is being caused by a conflict with a Chromecast device on their network that they may not know even existed. These errors are being displayed by Kaspersky's engine that allows it to scan encrypted SSL traffic for malicious content. In a new Chromium bug report opened today, a Google employee states that there has been an increase in Chromecast discovery issues from Windows users and that it appears to be related to antivirus software. "There's been a sudden increase in device discovery reports," states the bug report. "Reviewing the reports indicated that it's common on the Windows platform. And reviewing of the logs show a commonality of cast channel authentication errors, which can often be attributed to Anti Virus/security software." When investigating further, he noted that Kaspersky users have been complaining about these problems since the end of January, which appears to be the same period that the Chromecast discovery reports started to increase. Google has stated that they have reached out to Kaspersky to resolve the issue. To test this, BleepingComputer fired up a virtual machine and installed a free trial of Kaspersky Total Security. After being installed, I opened Chrome and was immediately greeted with the same error that the Kaspersky users have been seeing. I assure you there's more posted on OUR FORUM.