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Intel announced that its 9th generation mobile Core processor (H series) would be released soon. The announcement was made at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The General manager of premium and gaming notebook segments at Intel, Frederik Hemberger promised to release the processor very soon, in the second quarter of the year. Compared to previous CPU generations, the new processor includes a variety of exciting new features, especially for game lovers. But what are the gaming features that Intel promises to bring in this new chip? Any guesses? No? Then keep reading to learn more. Intel’s sources claimed that this new processor would provide a “more rounded experience for gamers”. It offers an optimum environment for gaming and streaming. Not only this, but it would also be able to operate triple -A (AAA) titles with the option of recording and streaming on Youtube and Twitch. The exact date of Intel’s 9th-gen processor's release is still a mystery and yet to be announced by the company. However, we expected the new CPU to be released in July 2019. Intel‘s 9th-gen mobile Core processor is based on the older 14nm Coffee Lake architecture. As the previous 8th generation H series CPUs consist of 6 cores, so it is expected that the 9th -gen processor may contain 8 cores. Further details can be found on OUR FORUM.