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Just after announcing iOS 12 at WWDC 2018, Apple is announcing a whole bunch of updates for its macOS platform with macOS Mojave. First of all, and most obviously Apple is finally implementing a dark mode on in this release. Mac users will now be able to make use of a feature Windows 10 users have enjoyed for nearly two years now, and swap their blinding white UI for a dark one. It isn’t simply the system elements like the dock and window chrome that are going dark, Apple’s native apps now plug into the dark theme as well as apps which are built with the latest MacOS APIs in mind. Unlike Windows, it seems users of Apple software will see the dark theme more widespread than Windows apps are. Apple is also implementing a new feature called stacks on the desktop. Stacks is an easy way to collate files of the same file type you have scattered around on your desktop. Should you have PDFs all over your desktop, Apple will collect all these into a  neat and organized PDF stack.  While many power users tend to have their desktops neatly organized, some users treat their desktop as a virtual dumping ground. Stacks helps bring some easy sanity for those users who can’t be bothered to be organized but would benefit regardless. Learn more by visiting OUR FORUM.