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After every big Windows 10 update is released, it seems we hear about major gremlins affecting some computers – that’s certainly the case for the latest April 2018 Update – but how many users have been affected by PC problems caused by Microsoft’s desktop OS since its launch nearly three years ago? According to UK consumer watchdog Which, no less than half of all Windows 10 users have been beset by problems with their PC. This conclusion comes from a survey of 1,100 members of Which, with the issues encountered ranging from minor glitches to show-stopping bugs preventing the PC in question from working. The most prevalent flaws in those encountered by respondents were software compatibility issues, as cited by 21% – including apps that failed to run entirely following an update. Hardware problems, such as a peripheral not working following an upgrade, were also commonplace, affecting 16% of those surveyed. Some folks said their PC was slower following an update, and others ended up with a computer that failed to work or boot entirely. Of those unfortunates that fell into the latter camp, 46% said they had to pay someone to repair their PC, with the average cost of that work being £67 (around $90, AU$120). As a result, the Which website is banging the drum for Microsoft to better consider the consumer rights of users, and to consider paying compensation to anyone who has experienced a loss of any kind – presumably of data, or time – thanks to a problem with Windows 10. More can be found on OUR FORUM.